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If you love physics, we have got something special just for you. Mayer fabrics gladly present the 'The Quantum Collection’. Designed to be the ultimate fusion between performance and beauty, Quantum features an innovative fabric construction called “fused hybrids”. Here, the woven textile is bonded with TPE i.e. thermoplastic elastomer. Mayer Fabrics uses the innovative Tekloom technology to create award-winning patterns: Matter, Molecule, Vector, Gravity, Relativity, and Static.

The Matter, Molecule & Vector patterns feature polycarbonate-based and polyurethane-coated fabrics with a unique emboss and print design. Molecule comes with a special ultrasonic embossed pattern whereas vector uses a special layering process that gives the fabric a remarkable look and feel. Quantum fabrics are not only bleach cleanable and Graffiti-free but also impermeable to liquids.

This advanced, sustainable fabric is specially designed for the hospitality & healthcare sectors. Mayer Fabrics strictly adhere to the California 01350 VOC and REACH standards. Hence Quantum is absolutely free of harmful chemicals, additives and also is extremely resilient & durable.


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