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Create more productive spaces and encourage free-flowing ideas with functional and stylish Muraflex ARCO glass office partitions. Also known as a glass workspace or a glass room partition, the Muraflex ARCO is architecturally stunning, freestanding, and perfect for modern open space office designs. With exceptional transparency, this 360-degree glass partition wall provides a superior level of acoustic privacy—thanks to sound-absorbing acoustic ceiling paneling.  


Designed for versatility, the ARCO demountable glass wall can be easily repositioned to meet the ever-changing needs of today's workforce. While enclosed, ARCO glass office partitions have a ceiling ventilation system that promotes air circulation to help keep consistent ambient temperatures — no matter how long the meeting takes. This attractive glass divider also features an LED lighting strip to ensure the ambiance is always perfect for the most stringent projects and details. The Muraflex ARCO is the perfect mix of functionality and design.


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