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MURAFLEX EXPO ultimate control over the workplace, adapting any open office design for superior function. It doesn’t just rethink space, it transforms space, instantly and seamlessly. Push a button, and a modern, open office layout becomes private meeting rooms, all without sacrificing natural lighting. So what is Muraflex EXPO, exactly? It’s a sliding glass room divider, featuring telescopic doors, optionally powered by a motorized, synchronized pulley system. 


Muraflex EXPO offers custom style with single- or double-glazed glass panes and anodized, power coat or brushed finishes in any choice of color. Integrated handles allow panels to seamlessly stack for a subtle, smart effect. Dropdown seals guarantee privacy while boosting acoustics. Switchglass options provide visual privacy on demand.  Make the office more than a workspace. Make it a space that works best, with Muraflex EXPO.


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