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Transform any conference room or office into a more dynamic work environment with the stylish  Muraflex Expo telescoping glass door system. As decorative interior glass doors, the Muraflex Expo can easily evolve a fully open space into siloed meeting areas with nothing more than the click of a button. Each Muraflex Expo glass door partition doubles as an opening and a transparent wall that ushers in natural light. This telescoping transparent door system offers double or single framed glass panes with seals that deliver exceptional acoustics and privacy. 


Operated by a synchronized pulley system, the Expo's sleek profile is neatly flushed whether closed or open. These sliding partition glass doors also feature seamlessly integrated handles and are available with a range of Muraflex finishes. Demonstrating the highest level of design flexibility, the Expo's glass panes can be replaced with eclectic wood for an entirely unique look.


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