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The Wilkahn FS Chair was invented over 35 years ago as a sleek, stylish executive office chair. Instead of having a rigid structure, this chair adapts to the user's movements. As the designers say, this mobility is like "sitting without a driving license." 

This ergonomic office chair provides lumbar support without putting too much pressure on the spine. Since its inception, the company has made over 40 variations of the Wilkhahn FS Chair for offices worldwide. 

You can choose between a silver or black coating for the base, and you can get casters for hard or carpeted floors. Armrests are optional, and you can get a Wilkahn FS Chair with a short or high "executive" back. The executive office chair style is perfect for sitting for long periods. Wilkahn also offers many color options in both fabric and leather, such as apple green, salmon, and heathered gray. 


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