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Create modern commercial spaces for employees and the public with Wilkhahn Sitzbock ergonomic office chairs. Made from polyethylene, the innovative Wilkhahn Sitzbock pommel horse chairs come with a height of 707 mm and a width of 627 mm. They have sturdy 520 mm splayed legs as the chair comes in one piece.

Without a seat back, this ergonomic desk chair allows for different seating positions. A person may have legs on one side or straddle the chair. The seat itself can come with or without a non-slip felt cushion. Uniquely designed like a pommel horse, the Wilkhahn Sitzbock office furniture weighs 4.8 kg and is stackable. Place one chair on top of the other when you need floor space for special office events, then unstack for meetings.

Available in beautiful hues of white, black, grey, or orange, the Wilkhahn Sitzbock office chairs can integrate into most design themes effortlessly.


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