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For a contemporary spin on workplace seating, Wilkhahn developed the compact and adjustable ergonomic desk stool. A state-of-the-art, award-winning product, Wilkhahn’s office stool was designed in collaboration with scientists from Germany’s University of Cologne. Pushing the boundaries of traditional office furnishings, Wilkhahn’s stool provides users unmatched comfort and versatility. By allowing the user to alternate between standing and sitting positions, Wilkhahn’s unique office stool improves posture and releases tension throughout the busiest of days. 
Wilkhahn’s stools are adjustable by height and come in a plethora of fabric and color options. Coordinating stools with existing furniture creates a harmonious look while choosing contrasting shades allows for greater variety and depth. For an even more modern feel, some stool models, such as Wilkhahn’s Stitz 2, swing back and forth, accommodating the user’s every movement. Others, such as the Sitzbock stool, come stackable for simpler storage and more flexible spaces.

Wilkhahn’s office stools provide an important addition to any fast-paced environment. When extra seating becomes necessary, they serve as a lightweight and high-quality substitute to traditional office and desk chairs. Desk stools appear frequently in temporary workstations, conference rooms, break areas, and other more casual common spaces. Despite their smaller frame, office stools add tremendous value to any modern workplace.


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