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To appreciate the all-new award-winning Wilkhahn Yonda chair, you have to know its name is inspired by “beyond.” This is because this innovative office chair really does go that extra mile.  Neunzig° design studio reinterpreted the archetypal, spacious shell-structure office chair to craft an innovative range that meets the needs of today’s and tomorrow’s commercial interior design with comfort.​

Download the Yonda Look Book
Wilkhahn-Yonda-320-table-book-EN_2-2 (1).jpg

The sculptural-looking armrests curve downward at the front. The biocomposite seat shell of this office chair creates a lightweight appearance. If you want it without custom upholstery, you will still have one of the most comfortable office chairs on the market. Add a felt pad, seat cushioning or padding on the inside, you will be further impressed.  For a dynamic office seating solution that benefits any commercial office design, choose Wilkhahn Yondo Chairs.


Wilkhahn Yonda is up for Mixology22 Product of the Year Finalist 


Category: Seating


Wilkhahn Yonda was awarded the Red Dot Award 2022 awarded to works and brands for design quality and creative performance.


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