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Customize your office furniture with the Halcon Mesa collection. More than just a table, this series is a fully functional element of any office or meeting space. What sets the Halcon Mesa apart?  Their patented technology integration and our customization options, of which there are many.

Choose from multiple sizes, from a small office table to a massive conference room centerpiece like this table pictured in a San Francisco clients' office. Pick from a wide array of materials and styles, including wood, metal, back-painted glass, stone or quartz tabletops for an elegant appearance. Concealed pull-out drawers accommodate current and future technology with multiple data, USB, and power options. The base can be made of wood or metal, depending on your tastes.

Each Halcon Mesa table uses integrated seamless drawers that blend into the façade, creating a sleek, modern office look. Finally, Halcon Mesa credenzas complete a conference room with full hospitality capability, including discreet refrigeration and additional technology accommodation.


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