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The Halcon New Millennia is modern office furniture - redefined. Sleek, minimalist lines offer practicality without dominating the room. The Halcon New Millennia offers customizable modular sections, enabling you to use it however you see fit.  Height adjustability can be discreetly integrated.

Rather than handles, this office desk uses integrated finger pulls. Each piece in each office is made from sequence-matched wood veneers, which can also be customized on demand. These veneers are Certified Green, and they help bring out the natural beauty of the wood. Choose from 12 different standard wood grains, unlimited personalized veneer choices, and, for vertical surfaces, 10 unique Chemcolors.

With the Halcon New Millennia, you can have a corner office desk, or you can add drawers, a cushioned bench, overhead lighting, and more. A world of possibilities at your disposal.


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