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SkillSet is a collapsible, storable, and flexible office table solution. It offers a variety of finishes to help match and accentuate any space. The SkillSet office table also comes with its own office desk storage cabinet that is both compact and portable.
The SkillSet office desk design requires no tools for setup, and it allows the linking of office table compartments to create longer, angled, or simply stand-alone office desk options. The SkillSet office desk also offers an aesthetic appeal that radiates corporate-level professionalism, while affording practical office table solutions.
Excellent options for the boardroom, simple solutions for setting up more seating in the conference room, and versatile enough to be configured to fit any style or size of office or meeting room. The SkillSet office table design, a solution for every office, meeting room, boardroom, and for every office desk need.


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