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Knak Group Celebrates Earth Day

By Mike Skaar

Since 1970, the celebration of Earth Day on April 22nd has brought everyone together to celebrate our shared home, Earth! On average, about one billion people recognize Earth Day and use it as a time to protect the Earth and promote environmental health. One of the most significant components of supporting environmental health daily is establishing robust and sustainable development methods. The construction industry is singularly responsible for 1/3 of all landfill, second only to manufacturing, so we have the opportunity to make an enormous difference.

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Sustainable development is “development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.” Looking towards protecting the future environment while still growing and building in the present is essential for the environmental, economic, and social dimensions.

Here at Knak Group, we are proud to partner with multiple Sustainable/Green manufacturers with expertise from both Europe and North America. In addition, we serve on the board of Philanthropy by Design, a non-profit that protects our environment and supports our local communities. Knak Group, our factories, and our Non Profit partners support sustainability on Earth Day and every day. Below is the list of our partners and their sustainability statements.


Our mission is to improve the environments we live and work in sustainably. Our seminal, people-centric furniture is made to last. Fostering well-being, collaboration, identity, and purpose is pivotal to commercial success.

Our approach is to create a timeless design that is kind to the planet, improves conditions in society, and shapes a company’s cultural role. Therefore, at Wilkhahn, commercial success, socio-ecological responsibility, and a commitment to culture always go hand in hand. Our global workforce nurtures and cultivates these values that connect us with business partners and customers.

Our aspiration is to develop and make innovative furniture that reconciles the needs of people and the environment. Which is why environmental responsibility starts at the product development stage already. Less is More or Reduce to the Max are principles that Wilkhahn constantly reinterprets for the future. Ecological design principles are integral to product development at Wilkhahn.”

Read the full Wilkhahn Sustainability Statement:


“At Muraflex, we are dedicated to diminishing our impact on the environment. We are also committed to continually improving our procedures in terms of product development, supply, packaging and distribution in an effort to minimize our environmental footprint.”

Muraflex can dramatically reduce landfill with walls that are reconfigurable.

Read the full Muraflex sustainability statement:

Benchmark Contract Furniture

“We are a united group of caring and talented people dedicated to the success of our customers. We create a positive, supportive environment and are committed to the betterment of those with whom we come in contact.”

Read the full Benchmark Sustainability Statement:

Halcon – Sustainably Certified

“From the time I was a child, all my free hours have been spent in the woods and fields or along the streams of Southern Minnesota. My photography is inspired by my deep personal connection with the land and it's natural inhabitants. HALCON's commitment to good stewardship, and environmentalism is neither new nor driven by market trends, but rather part of our core philosophy that has been present since the inception of the company.”

Read the full Halcon Sustainability Statement:

Mayer Fabrics

“Mayer Fabrics makes an ongoing commitment to sustainability which has and will always remain a core consideration throughout the entire development process of our textiles. Regard is given to all aspects of our product, beginning with material origins and ending with possible post-life impacts. As the benefits of sustainable products become more apparent, so do the prospects. What were once considered obstacles are now opportunities — ones we are excited to explore. Mayer Fabrics continues to transform its product development and business practices to reflect positive environmental choices every day.”

Read the full Mayer Fabrics Sustainability Statement:

Neutral Posture

Building an effective Green Program takes a company-wide effort, but we think it's worth the effort to ensure that our manufacturing process leaves the smallest footprint on the environment. Neutral Posture products are designed and manufactured to support a long and useful product life. Our products, if need be, can withstand repeated service, repairs and handling; and our products are made with standardized parts and components which make replacing worn out parts easy and as green as possible. We also work with industry recognized programs to follow set eco-friendly practices and standards.

  • BIFMA Level Certification

  • SCS Indoor Advantage Certification

  • Buy Back Take Back Program

  • Product Breakdown Instructions

  • Recycling Neutral Posture Product by Region

Read the Neutral Posture Sustainability Statement:

Adapt Global

At Adapt Global Group, we strive to follow sustainable practices in the design, manufacture and distribution of our products and solutions. This helps our customers minimize their impact on the wider environment, reduces costs and contributes to their long-term prosperity. Many of our solutions support environmental accreditations such as LEED.

Sustainable Designs - Our products are designed with the potential to be reused, repurposed and recycled. The flexible design of the vast majority of our products allows them to be upgraded and reconfigured, without needing to change the whole product. This extends their shelf life and helps to reduce waste.

Environmentally Friendly - Products are assembled at local distribution centres, helping to reduce carbon footprint. They are manufactured using recycled materials wherever possible and delivered to customers in recyclable packaging.

Lifetime Guarantee - As part of our commitment to offering sustainable solutions, we offer a Lifetime Guarantee on many of our products. This means that if there is ever a fault found with the quality of the product, we will repair or replace the product free of charge. This helps you achieve maximum benefit from your solutions.

Product Continuity - We guarantee to maintain continuity of product supply for Adapt Global Group products. This means that you will be able to source the same products or component parts from us at any time in the future, maximizing the value of your products.”

Read the Adapt Global Sustainability Statement:

Philanthropy by Design

For more than three decades, we have supported and served on the Board of Directors of this vital, all volunteer entity. PBD responds to requests from non-profit corporations and offers free design and furnishing services. PBD has transformed countless non-profits while diverting thousands of tons of perfectly functional interior furnishings from landfill. Join us to volunteer, lead a project, or donate furniture or design services. embodies the very best of Earth Day goals.

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