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Knak Just Got a Lift! - The Wilkhahn Timetable Lift

by Mike Skaar

Knak Group just got a lift! We want to tell you about the amazing Wilkhahn Mobile Timetable Lift and we will do our best to avoid it sounding like a cheesy commercial. Hate those. But we love this table. (As do many of our top clients). So, we're just going to state the facts and every now then add some crazy over the top expression, ‘cause that’s Knak.

Meet the exceptional Wilkhahn Mobile Timetable Lift. Combining Wilkhahn’s industry-leading innovation with uncompromising design, your modern office space is about to get a lift.

The Wilkhahn Timetable Lift is the new height-adjustable, wireless powered, magnetic flip-top mobile office desk and whiteboard ideal for boardrooms and as a modern home office desk. These are the most versatile tables ever offered! They are mobile and nest compactly into one another, ensuring the kind of flexibility needed for your modern workspace design needs. They offer wireless battery powered height adjustability as a work surface, a whiteboard, or a magnetic whiteboard. Yes, you CAN have it all.

Electrically adjustable in height from 73 cm to 139 cm (28 3/4" to 54 3/4"), they’re perfect for hot desking where people both sit and stand. Also, they are an excellent choice for multipurpose meeting and presentation spaces.

The state-of-the-art tables are compact to stow away, wheel in as required, and easy to set up in one step. Our favorite feature is the ability to set it to the right height at the touch of a button. The optional battery operation enables mobility regardless of where the power supply is located.

The Wilkhahn Timetable lift comes in a multitude of frame and table top finishes, including laminate, soft-matt laminate, and two veneer versions. When using the dry-laminate finish the Timetable Lift proves its value in an agile workspace by serving as a whiteboard and a flip-top projection screen.

In addition to multiple edge profile options, the foot section is offered in bright chrome-plated or polished aluminum, coated in black or with a matte silver satin finish.

Okay, we hope we've piqued your interest! To see a demonstration of this versatile and modern office desk, click the button below.

About the Author

Mike Skaar continues to move Knak Group forward as an industry leader in supporting progressive workplace design, innovation, and strategies to facilitate collaboration. He has been privileged to work on projects around the globe with leading architects and designers from California to the Pacific Rim. His success comes from appreciating the balance of work and life. His passions include travel, snowboarding, community service, and he has attended Burning Man 21 times and counting. Mike holds an MBA from Arizona State University and completed additional post-graduate work in international business at UCLA.

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