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Supercharge Your Design Thinking - Video Recording and PDF Download

Updated: Feb 27, 2022

After our incredible webinar with Janet M. Harvey, we wanted to make available to everyone the video recording of the webinar and the deck she used. Featuring her proven methodology for inspiring the way we approach our work, this was customized for an invited audience of architects and designers. Now, it is available for anyone.

Supercharge Your Design Thinking Webinar Recording

Hit the play button to watch the 41-minutes webinar. Or to download it, either click on the three dots on the lower right of the player or right click and save to your device.

PDF Deck Download

Here is the PDF deck. On the final slide is a link to a free Vimeo asset that Janet is making available.

Download Supercharge Your Design Thinking Webinar Deck
Download PDF • 1.81MB

We invite you to check out our extensive two-part interview with Janet we conducted just prior to her webinar.

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